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Select from the below list of FAQs to get an answer to your question. We will always keep this page updated based on the feedback of our customers and Merchant Partners.

What do I need to become a merchant-partner?

Please refer to the Become a Partner page. Documents required:

- copy of the valid trade license or commercial license.

- Merchant onboarding form duly signed.

- Copy of the bank account details (IBAN).

- Copy of the official ID of the authorized signatory.

Can I get on Eazy Life if I do not have a physical store presence?

Yes, you can as long as you have the documents listed above.

Are there any sign-up fees?

No. Sign up is free of charge. Complete the partner registration form, provide the documents required and you will get access to Eazy Life Merchant Portal and Store App.

What are the fees I pay

Service Fee: You will have to pay the Service fee which is deducted from the total amount of the orders. Please consult Become a Partner page to know the applicable service fee. This is charged on every order you receive through Eazy Life through both delivery, and Self Pick-Up orders.  Please note that this service fee is subject to the prevailing VAT.

Will my outlet be automatically eligible for self-pick-up?

All our merchant-partners are able to accept Self pick-up orders from their first day, to give you access to more order opportunities.

Can I be paid in cash ?

No. Payment for all orders are made cashless via online payment.

When will I receive my funds?

We collect funds from customers on your behalf, we deduct the service fee and then we transfer the remaining amount to your specified account on a monthly basis unless another frequency is agreed between us.

Which industries are covered by Eazy Life ?

Registered companies or sole-proprietorship with a valid license selling anything purchased by customers such as all types of food & beverages for immediate consumption, pharmacy products, Health & beauty, bread, cakes & confectionery, snacks, home furniture, ice cream, açai, flowers, gifts, toys, pet products, electronics, home appliances, water, auto spare parts and accessories, groceries, fruits & vegetables, nuts and honey, perfume and fragrances, mobiles and accessories, Laptops, garden furniture, school furniture, books, fashion and much more.

Will I be compensated for cancelled orders?

Your order was recently cancelled by a customer? Did you face a situation where no delivery partners were available to pick up the order you prepared? Don’t fret, we understand that such things do happen when operating a delivery business - and this is why Eazy Life has got you covered in the event of order cancellations.

How do I know which cancelled orders are eligible for compensation?

Eazy Life will reimburse merchants for cancelled orders that are eligible for compensation under our terms and conditions. 

Your payment will be credited to your registered bank account you shared with us.

How I receive my statements ?

Your Eazy Partner Portal makes you available to multiple information including your statements.

Update your Store’s information

Updating store information, like your contact details, address and photos, will help your customers and the drivers to locate your store effectively. 

You’ll be able to make some changes yourself in the Eazy Partner app or Eazy Partner Portal. Any password reset requests will be tied to the Eazy-Registered Email Addresses you provided at the time of your onboarding.

How I can get my advertisement posted on Eazy Life Banners and what is the price?

Eazy Life offers you the opportunity to get your marketing campaign or special offers/discounts seen by the customers of Eazy Life by publication on the banners available on Eazy Life Mobile Application and Eazy Life Website. You can contact us by email to get a fee quote and proceed with implementation. If a customer will click on your banner, he/she will be taken to your store profile on the Mobile Application. Price for your advertisement on Eazy Life Banners depends on multiple factors but mainly on the period for which the banner should be displayed.

How I can collaborate with Eazy Life for marketing campaigns by e-mail, SMS and Push Notification?

Eazy Life offers you the opportunity to get your marketing campaign or special offers/discounts sent to a specific group of customers (being your customers or potential customers) by e-mail, SMS and Push Notification. ou can contact us by email to get a fee quote and proceed with implementation.

Eazy Life may also at its sole discretion make the promotion of you marketing campaign or special offers/discounts without charging you as part of the overall marketing strategy of Eazy Life. In order to be part of these campaigns, you have to be in the top-rated stores and most popular in your category.

How do I Increase my visibility on the Eazy Life App?

Run a promotion. Stores that run promotions will automatically receive a promo tag. This is one of the best performing carousels on our homepage. 

Accurate store tags. Ensure your store tags are accurate when you first sign up with us. Consumers frequently search by specific words for picking their purchase.  

Take part in thematic campaigns. To further amplify your visibility, run your promotion as part of one of our thematic campaigns (e.g. Eid, New Year, Ramadan, Mother’s Day, Daily Deals, etc.). These campaigns tend to get increased marketing support e.g. banners and in-app messages, social media, etc. To take part, simply watch out for our emails and follow the instructions to sign up.

Should the price of the items listed on my store be displayed VAT included?

Your Eazy Partner Portal makes you available to multiple information including your statements.

How Eazy Cash Advance works?

Eazy Cash Advance is a product offered to you by Eazy Life. With Eazy Cash Advance, get up to AED 100,000 in cash advance with a fee up to 10% and flexible repayment plan to manage your expenses.

Am I automatically eligible to Eazy Cash Advance?

No. You have to have been operating for more than 12 months AND have a partnership history with Eazy Life for more than 6 months WITH an average of AED 50,000 worth of sales routed through Eazy Life.

What are the best practices to be followed by a merchant?

As a new merchant, we understand that you might be unfamiliar with the business operations of delivery and pick-up, and the Eazy Life ecosystem of things. Handing off items to a delivery partner punctually with the correct items, packaging precarious items like soup or drinks to ensure they stay intact during the trip; are just some of the things that we want to emphasize to you to ensure you don’t unnecessarily lose your hard-earned money! We have a list of best practices below we hope will benefit you greatly.


* Display signs of our partnership (QR Code, Eazy Life Logo, Eazy Life Marketing Materials) clearly (in your store, website and social media accounts) for delivery-partners/customers to know you are an Eazy Life Merchant: Letting people know you are an Eazy Life Merchant is our way of advertising for you, equalling more business.

* Display your collection point clearly so drivers can pick up orders quickly: Allowing the driver to pick up and go quickly also means less clutter around your business area and more happy customers for you.

* Turn on your device sound notification to never miss an order: Do not miss an order by staying alert.

* Strive to prepare the order quickly (and food within 15 mins) so delivery partners can deliver the items on time: A late order equals an unhappy customer. Like you’re in-store patrons, your customers on Eazy Life also want to get their orders served ASAP. To minimise customer complaints, ensure that orders are prepared as soon as possible.

* Hygiene and quality: Wash your hands and use gloves where possible when handling food. If you prepare perishables, remember to store your food appropriately to prevent it from going bad. Food quality and hygiene should be heavily monitored, not only to minimize refunds but more importantly to ensure your customers are safe when consuming the food, you prepare.

* Ensure you do not miss out any items or special requests, and they are packed neatly to reach the customer intact. Give attention to special requests. Pack the items neatly. Spilt and missing items are most common based on our statistics, don’t let that happen frequently to maximise profits! Pay attention to the orders of the customers.


What is Eazy Life?

Available 24/7 and 365 days, we are an all-in-one Mobile Application for all your daily needs with a powerful and unique Eazy One Loyalty Program.

With the delivery or self-pickup of a wide range of products, Eazy Life offers you a delightful shopping experience by bringing your shops and products to the palm of your hand and making your order experience as simple and quick as a finger snap.  Furthermore, immerse in the unique experience of our community for classified ads. We are reimagining the re-commerce experience by building the largest, simplest, and most trustworthy local marketplace.

EZ Restaurants, EZ Groceries, EZ Pharmacies, EZ Shopping and EZ Offers are now available for you but this is just the start of it. Stay always tuned, as the best is yet to come. To find more about Eazy Life, download the App and visit our website

What is EZ Groceries?

EZ Groceries is an on-demand everyday grocery goods delivery service. You can now buy groceries including fruits & vegetables, seafood & butchery and much more via the Eazy Life app and have it delivered to you in under 1 hour or you can opt for self-pick-up when possible. 

What is EZ Pharmacies?

EZ Pharmacies is an on-demand pharmacy items delivery service. You can now buy medicines, healthcare products and beauty products via Eazy Life App and have it delivered to you in under 1 hour or you can opt for self-pick-up when possible. 

Some items require a medical prescription to be provided via Eazy Life App to get your  healthcare product delivered.. 

If you choose the self-pick-up option, you can directly show the medical prescription directly to the pharmacist.

What is EZ Restaurants?

EZ Restaurants is an on-demand everyday food delivery service. You can now buy your tasty food or your preferred ice cream, beverages and much more via Eazy Life App and have it delivered to you in under 1 hour or you can opt for self-pick-up when possible. 

What is EZ Shopping?

EZ Shopping is an on-demand shopping delivery service. You can now buy flowers, electronics, car spare-parts, books, toys & games, shoes, watches, apparel & fashion, Home Furniture, cosmetics & perfumes, stationary, mobiles & laptops and much more  via the Eazy Life app and have it delivered to you or you can opt for self-pick-up when possible. 

What is EZ Offers?

EZ Offers is a marketplace for classified ads between individuals or between professionals and individuals to buy, sell or exchange anything online. You can find your future home (for rent or purchase), the car of your dreams, the treadmill or the sofa you want in a fingertip. You can make direct offers to the sellers. You can also contact the seller or buyer via our secure online messaging feature. Rating and comments about trusted sellers/buyers will guide you for a trustworthy experience. We accept only authenticated persons to be able to use EZ Offers. 

What are Eazy Life operation hours?

Eazy Life is accessible 24/7. However, operations hours depend on the area that you are based in and the store hours. We begin delivering as early as 8 am and as late as 2 am. If a particular store is not available for delivery, you will see it closed on Eazy Life App. 


How Does It Work?

You can order on Eazy Life Mobile App, available on iOS and Android. Select your current address or another specific address to find multiple stores around you in your area, choose your item (food, grocery, pharmacy item, electronics and much more) and place your order.

Once the merchant partner receives your order, they will prepare your items and then carefully package them. Once it is all ready to go, the delivery will be handled to bring your so-awaited item delivered to your selected doorstep. You can also schedule a delivery or organize your self pick-up when made available by the merchant partner. 

What Time Can I Order For?

Eazy Life is available 24/7 and 365 days but the delivery will be upon the merchant opening hours.

Download Eazy Life App to see which store is available around you. The accessibility of the service depends on your location.

What If Something is Wrong with My Order?

We have a dedicated team that looks after your entire Eazy Life experience, from the moment you place an order right through to it arriving with you.

However, we do understand that sometimes things might go wrong. If this is the case, you can use the Help function in the Eazy Life App to speak to our customer service team and report any issues.

What are the payment methods accepted?

As of now, only cashless payments are accepted. You can make payment via your debit/credit card, Eazy Wallet and Eazy Points when available. 

Is there a minimum order value?

The minimum order amount may differ based on the store, your location and time of order. You will see the amount listed on the store page, or at the checkout page before placing an order.

What happens when an item is out of stock for my order?

Generally, stock is updated instantly and items out of stock will be shown as that in the store. However, and depending on the stores you are ordering from, some items might be unavailable. In this case, you will be notified and refunded. You can also click on notify me and you will receive a Push Notification as soon as the item is made available by the store.  

Can I change my order after placing it?

We’re sorry! You cannot change your order after it has been placed because the store might have started preparing it upon acceptance.

How do I order using Eazy Life?

It is simple and easy, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Eazy Life App and ensure you are a registered user;
  2. Tap on the section you want. This could be “EZ Groceries” “EZ Pharmacies” “EZ Restaurants” or “EZ Shopping”. 
  3. Make orders from the desired merchant by selecting your item (including details such as add-ons, color, quantity etc.).
To which address my order will be delivered. Can I change the delivery address after placing the order?

You need to always check the delivery address of your order. In your profile section, you can create multiple delivery addresses. 

After your order has been placed, you will not be able to change the delivery address as the delivery partner would have started the delivery process.

How to track my order?

We know how excited you are to receive your order! In your “Orders” section, you can track each order made for “delivery” or “pick-up”. Under “Track My Order”, you can easily follow the different steps of your order. If the order is for “Delivery”, you will be able to view real-time updates from our in-app map feature. You may also call or message the store. Please kindly allow some time for them to respond as they may be busy serving other customers. 

Why is my Eazy Life order delayed?

We are sorry that you had to wait longer than expected for your order to arrive. Rest assured that our merchant-partners and delivery-partners are doing their best to deliver your order in the shortest time possible. 

A change in the estimated time of arrival means there has been a delay. Here are some reasons why your order may be delayed:

  1. The order wasn't immediately accepted by the merchant.

Some merchants might need more time to confirm your order. It could be due to peak hours, or they are understaffed at that time.

  1. There are fewer available drivers.

During peak hours, public holidays, or bad weather days, there could be fewer available drivers on the road. It could take a while to allocate you the nearest available driver.

  1. Merchants need more time to prepare the order.

During peak hours, merchants might need more time to prepare an order. Do note that it is also true for large orders.

  1. There may be challenges on the road.

After picking up your order, drivers could face uncontrollable situations like bad weather, heavy traffic, or even road accidents. In such cases, they might take longer to reach you. There are also instances when drivers cannot locate you quickly. Therefore, do ensure that you have provided the correct address and clear instructions to reach you.

  1. Drivers may be handling multiple orders.

For delivery efficiency, orders near you may be grouped and delivered by a single driver. This process might involve multiple collections and deliveries. Therefore, your driver may need more time to reach you.

What should I do before and when collecting my order?

You can use the navigation tool in-app by tapping on ‘Directions’ on the map. If you still cannot find the store, we would advise you to call the store for more specific directions. When arriving, skip the queue if there is one and head to the counter to provide your order ID from the app. Once you have received your order, do not forget to complete the order on the app by swiping that you have collected the order and rate the service/merchant/product.

I Noticed That You Do Not Deliver in My Area, When You Will be Able to Do It?

Our aim is delivering everywhere you are. We are rapidly expanding and will hopefully be working with merchants near you soon! You can always contact us via the Help Center on Eazy Life Mobile App to recommend or request the area to be covered. We will collect feedback from customers and plan our expansion accordingly.


How Do Fees Work?

Delivery Fee: The delivery fee is variable as it is a percentage of your order value. Some restaurants use their own delivery drivers. In that case, the restaurant sets its own delivery fee.
Service Fee: This allows us to power your experience with Eazy Life, including adding new features and providing great customer service. This is a small percentage of your order value but you will always see the exact amount at the checkout. The service fee calculation is based on the order amount prior to any promotions or discounts which may apply to your order.


How can I create my account?

Click on sign-up and complete the fields. Being accurate in providing the information will help in serving your better and in creating trust in your profile for Eazy Offers.

How can I delete my account?

We are sad to see you go. Our goal has always been to serve you better. If you are experiencing any issues, we are here to help and would love to hear from you so that we can resolve your issues.

Please take note of these permanent changes when deleting your account:

  • Your classified ads in Eazy Offers will be deleted. 
  • Your existing Eazy Reward points and other related benefits will be lost. If you join us again in the future, your previously unused Eazy Rewards points or Rewards can't be reinstated.
  • Your Eazy Life account will be inaccessible, unrecoverable, and permanently closed.

If you would still like to delete your Eazy Life account, please visit your Profile page and click “Delete Account?” and then confirm. 

Why get verified?

Email and/or phone verification is essential. Accurate Emails and phone numbers allow you to receive receipts and important messages from Eazy Life. 

Please note that only one email address and one phone number can be used per Eazy Life account. 

Keep your phone number and email address updated so that we can keep your account safe and secure.

How to change my name, profile photo, email address and phone number?

You can update your email, phone number and name by following the steps below:

  1. Tap Profile from the bottom bar, and tap on the top to edit your Profile.
  2. On your profile page, you are able to edit your photo, email, phone number and name.
  3. Once you're done, tap Save to confirm your changes.
  4. You may receive an SMS with OTP. Enter it and Voila, you are done!


How can I opt-in and opt-out of marketing communications?

When you register, you automatically opt-in for marketing communications. These can be made by SMS, email, push notifications or calls. 

As per our Privacy Policy, you can opt-out by unsubscribing to emails or asking us not to send you SMS. You can disable push notifications. However, push notifications are crucial to offer you the best customer experience.


I have a complaint about a store, what shall I do?

We are sorry you had to go through an unpleasant experience. 

Please share your feedback by sending your feedback on the Help Center in your profile section and we will look into this.  

We also encourage you to rate your experience on merchants so that they can fully take note of your feedback. This will allow them to look into the matter and improve their services.

How can I report incorrect merchant-partner information?

You have noticed an error in the store information such as the store’s name, address, menu item, prices, or store hours. 

Please inform us about these errors through the Help Center and we will look into this matter. We appreciate your feedback and sharp eyes as it will help improve the delivery experience for both our delivery-partners and customers.

The Delivery-Partner did not deliver my order.

We are sorry that you are experiencing this, and understand how frustrated you must feel.

Eazy Life’s service standards require our delivery-partners to deliver all accepted orders responsibly. Upon receiving your feedback, we will investigate your report. If your delivery-partner has been found in violation of our rules, we will take appropriate action and ensure that this does not happen to someone else.

Please report through the Help Center within 12 hours from your delivery time, if you have already paid for the order via a credit/debit card or Eazy Wallet, but did not receive it or you have used a promo code.

I Have Allergies or Specific Dietary Restrictions, What Should I Do?

If you have specific allergies or dietary restrictions and are concerned about any items on a menu, please check the restaurant notes section of the restaurant menu and for further information contact the restaurant directly. You can also add special notes to the restaurant in a free text format before validating your order.

What Are Your Guidelines to Customers and Community?

We know that sometimes things can go wrong and you can feel frustrated but we invite you to be always:

  • Respectful to other users, delivery agents, merchants and their staff, and Eazy Life team. 
  • Prompt and punctual to receive your order or complete self-pick-up as per the timing provided.
  • Vigilant to any fraudulent activity undermines the trust that we have built with our community and that may affect you. Furthermore, committing fraud is a criminal offense under the Laws of the UAE. 

Please be aware that we have zero tolerance towards any kind of disrespect, breach of obligations and fraudulent activities. 


Tips when meeting online buyers and sellers: 

– Meet the person in a well-lit public area. 

– Don’t meet the person alone.

– Bring only the exact amount of cash that the item is worth.

– Don’t use wire transfers such as Western Union or MoneyGram or non-cash payments.

– Check cash payments to make sure the currency isn’t counterfeit.

– Don’t offer personal contact information.

– Communicate through the in-app messenger, which can be monitored.

– Check on the person’s ratings in the app.

– If the buyer or seller follows you after the transaction, contact immediately the police

Is it safe to order food from Eazy Life?

We understand that food safety is a priority for anyone ordering food via a delivery service. At Eazy Life, we are committed to select and onboard only restaurant merchant-partners and delivery-partners with the highest standards of food safety.

Should I share my Bank account details or Credit/Debit Card details with other users?

Never. If you have an active ad on Eazy Offers, you will be contacted and receive emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages from random numbers or emails pretending to be Eazy Life or Eazy or H&I Technology or EZ Offers or any renowned courier company an asking yay to confirm delivery details along with a clickable link. Please do not click on any link or follow any of the instructions. These are scam attempts.

How can I protect myself?

We will never be able to list all the advice to protect yourself. However, below are the main advices to follow:

  • Never share your debit/credit card details with anyone. 
  • Never click on suspicious links.
  • Delete any suspicious SMS and block the sender.
  • Never download any file sent to you 
What are the measures Eazy Life is taking to ensure security of EZ Offers’ users?

For Individuals, in order to post any classified ad, the account has to be verified. This is the only way to (i) make EZ Offers a safe place for users and (ii) protect you from anyone creating fake accounts using your details. Therefore, Copy of Emirates ID is required. Furthermore, individuals will be required to take a video holding clearly their Emirates ID. 

For professionals, we will always check the authenticity and authority of the person representing any professional. Therefore, before posting classified ads, we collect essential information from professionals such as Trade/Commercial License, details of the company/professional and official website, Emirates ID of the authorized person; registration will be allowed only using professional emails etc. 

Finally, users (individuals and professionals) can be verified via registered email and OTP on their registered mobile number as well as via their accounts with Facebook and Google+ accounts. In addition to displaying those verification tools for each user account, you can be guided by reviews and ratings of each user given by other users. 

Eazy Wallet & Eazy Points:

How do I earn and spend my Eazy Rewards Points?

You can earn Eazy Rewards points by making payments on Eazy Life using your debit/credit card or your Eazy Wallet. ALL Transactions will make you earn Eazy Reward Points.

Amount of points awarded may differ. Check your number of Eazy Rewards Points earned on your profile page. 

Use the points that you have earned to redeem items when made possible. Check our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Will my Eazy Rewards Points expire?

Your points are valid from 1 January to 31 December of each year. You have to use your points within the calendar year.

You will LOSE all your available points if you do not use them within the calendar year.  We will not be able to reinstate your rewards points after it has expired. 

We highly encourage you to monitor the expiry of your points in future. 

There are restrictions on payments made using Eazy Rewards Points. Please check those restrictions before the payment step. Check our Terms and Conditions for more details.

How to charge your wallet?

You can charge your wallet with your Debit/Credit Cards. For that, Sign-in to Eazy Life Application and go to the profile section on the bottom right. Go to “Eazy Wallet & Eazy Points” and click “Add Money”; Enter your amount and select the card. Hurray! Your wallet is recharged successfully.

How can I check historical transactions?

To check your transactions simply sign-in to Eazy Life Application and go to Profile section and click on “Eazy Wallet & Eazy Points”. You’ll be able to view your recent transactions here; if you need to check more, just click on the “View more” button and you’ll be presented with all your historical transactions.

What happens to my amount in wallet, if I delete my account?

The process of account deletion is irreversible and is mandatory by the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Unfortunately, Money in the wallet will be lost, if you delete your account. We suggest you use all the amount in the wallet before you decide to delete your account forever.


How do I become an Eazy Life Rewards member?

Great news! You are automatically added into the program after your first transaction.

Can I Refer a Friend?

Yes, and we believe you are our best ambassador for Eazy Life brand.

Under our referral program, you can refer a friend using a referral code. When your friend creates an account with us, you will receive a reward that may vary from time to time. Check our Terms and Conditions for more details.

EZ offers:

How does my account for EZ Offers work?

Your account will display:

  • Your name, 
  • Your level of rating based on the reviews made by buyers and sellers, 
  • Your account verification, 
  • Your plan (Free or Paid),
  • The List of your ads (On Sale, Highlighted, Sold, Review, Exchanges, Archived, Favorites, Sell Urgently).

Through your account, you can follow people by connecting to contacts using EZ Offers. 

How do my Token Plans work for EZ Offers?

With your Tokens, you can post more ads, highlight an ad, add video to an ad and purchase additional benefits like subscription. 

You can purchase tokens using the Eazy Life online payment and see the recent transactions of token (All, Spent, Bought). 

What is the use of instant discussions in EZ Offers?

EZ Offers gives you the opportunity to chat with other users. The chat facilitates communication with other users.

Are online classifieds Ads on EZ Offers Paid or Free?

Unless otherwise specified, most online classified ads on EZ Offers are free. Ads are paid if you would like specific features such as highlighting your offer in a specific zone, marking your offer, “bumping” your offer, displaying your offer on the banners available in the Eazy Life Mobile App or website, extending the validity of your offer over a specific duration, etc. 

Will I get insights on my offer in EZ Offers?

Yes. EZ Offers will enable you to have a dashboard of insights on your offer such as number of clicks, comments and chats. It will offer you also the possibility to see how many times your offer has been saved or shared. 


You can see the above insights per week, month or a year and also based on the details of geo-localization in each specific country. 

What is the difference between Personal Classified ads and Business Classified ads?

Never. If you have an active ad on Eazy Offers, you will be contacted and receive emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages from random numbers or emails pretending to be Eazy Life or Eazy or H&I Technology or EZ Offers or any renowned courier company an asking yay to confirm delivery details along with a clickable link. Please do not click on any link or follow any of the instructions. These are scam attempts.

Do I have the option to Pay through the Eazy Life App?

Yes, When a seller accepts the offer presented by the buyer, then the buyer can make the payment through the app. The payment made, at this instance, is kept on hold and when the buyer & the seller meet in person; Buyer Scans QR Code in sellers’ Chat through  Camera option in his chat, to complete the transaction.

Am I charged for taking the payment through the App?

Yes, the payment when accepted by you as a seller will be charged with a Payment Gateway commission. The commission charged is for the online payment made via cards.

Can I pay outside the App?

Yes, the buyer and the seller can meet outside to exchange the goods and payment. Eazy Life plays no role here and the responsibility lies solely on the buyer and the seller for exchange of goods and payment.

EZ Services:

What is EZ Services?

EZ Services allows you to book appointments for services made available on the Platform. These services include (but not limited to):


  • Healthcare and doctors’ appointment booking
  • Car service and repairing 
  • Private lessons 
  • Sports and other related activities 
  • Beauty & Wellness 
  • Home maintenance and repairing
  • Home services and cleaning 
  • Services for Pets
  • Adventure tours 
  • Photography sessions
  • Events services
How it Works?

On your registration, you will be entitled to browse and use EZ Services in order to, inter alia: 


  • View the different categories of services under EZ Services such as Healthcare, Beauty & Wellness, Home Services, etc. You can then view the profiles of the different Service Providers and services offered by them and listed on Eazy Life App.


  • Search for specific Service Provider or types of Service Providers and/or locate Service Providers in your area;


  • Review ratings and consult reviews on various Service Providers and their staff when available;


  • Search for top rated Service Provider and/or staff of the Service Provider;
  • Consult the agenda of the Service Provider and its staff when added and check availabilities;
  • Consult the Q&A section and ask your question to the Service Provider.


  • Make the appointment booking with the Service Provider and sometimes when available with a specific staff of that Service Provider;


  • Complete the free-text additional information and upload photos/documents. 


  • You can select when available to have the service booked completed at your location, Service Provider’s location, by phone or video.


  • Select to pay a Partial Payment or the Full Payment of the service(s) booked.


  • You can pay by debit/credit card and/or using your Eazy Points and/or your Eazy Wallet.


  • Check your appointment booked under your Eazy Life App and you can interact with the Service Provider or its selected staff.


  • Locate and obtain directions to the Service Providers;


  • Reschedule or cancel your booking. 
For Healthcare Services, are you part of Dubai Healthcare Authority or any other healthcare authority in the Country?

We are not part of Dubai Healthcare Authority or any other healthcare authority. However, we onboard only Healthcare Service Providers who are registered displaying their authority registration number.

For Healthcare Services, Can I get an emergency appointment?

We are not an emergency service. If you have any medical (or any other emergency) and you are in the UAE, you should call the emergency numbers or visit the nearest healthcare establishment. For non-emergencies, we can normally offer an appointment within four hours of booking, if not sooner. 

How are the Services performed?

Services are normally performed in the Service Provider’s place. However, some Service Provider may offer completion of the service at your home (or selected address), by phone or video.

Are your healthcare services covered by my insurance?

The reimbursement for a healthcare consultation is directly dependent on the terms and conditions provided by your insurance provider. Neither us nor our Service Providers are responsible for reimbursement. An invoice can be arranged upon your request.

Can I get a medical prescription?

Yes, a prescription can be given by the doctor in case medications are needed.

What is the Service Fee you are charging?

Service fee allows to enhance your experience with us, including adding new features and providing great customer service. When it comes to how much you are charged, you will always be able to see the exact amount at checkout

Can I schedule the same service and with the same staff more than once?

Yes, you can. When completing the booking, you will be offered to repeat the booking for multiple days at a particular time. This is very helpful for example for home cleaning services, beauty & wellness, lessons, sports, and car services.

What are the materials and items to be prepared by me if the service is completed at home?

You can check with the Service Provider via the Q&A option. However, for home cleaning for example, it is expected that you have the following items ready in your place:


  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop
  • Multi-purpose Cleaning Spray
  • General Purpose Polish
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Bleach
  • Limescale Remover
  • Micro Fibre Cloths
  • Furniture Polish
  • Sponges
  • Any other item ordinarily required for the specific service you booked.
What the payment options offered to me?

Eazy Life App through EZ Services offers a Partial Payment or Full Payment of the services booked. If you select the Partial Payment, you will have to pay the remaining outstanding amount directly to the Service Provider in addition to any other service booked outside Eazy Life App. If you select the Full Payment option, you will have to pay the Service Provider only any additional service you took in addition to those booked via Eazy Life App.

Can I pay the Service Provider directly after completion of the services?



However, you are required in order to secure your booking to pay the Partial Payment at the time of checkout. The amount will be deducted from your final invoice. However, if you don’t show-up or reschedule in time, you will lose the Partial Payment amount.

Do Service Providers bring card machines for payments when the service is outside their location?

It depends on the Service Provider, and you may ask via the Q&A section. However, generally, we recommend you to please provide the exact amount of cash payment to the staff of the Service Provider when the service is completed outside the Service Provider premises. To avoid all this, we encourage you to select the Full Payment option at the time of checkout for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Do Service Providers bring change to bills?

Service Providers do not bring change to the bills. We recommend you to please provide the exact amount of cash payment to them. To avoid any unpleasant experience, we encourage you to select the Full Payment option at the time of checkout for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

The Service Provider caused damage to my personal assets (furniture, clothes, car, etc.) or my items are missing, what should I do?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Our Service Provider aim to provide the best quality experience to our clients.  


However, in the unlikely event of not meeting your expectations, please immediately notify the Service Provider and contact us through the Help Center in Eazy Life App. Kindly send photos of the damaged or missing item as evidence and for investigation purposes from the Service Provider side. The Service Provider, under our strict follow-up, will investigate the issue and will reach out to you. Any commercial gesture is based on the Service Provider’s discretion.

I booked a service, and I am late, or the staff of the Service Provider is late, what shall I do?

We understand that there could be delays due to traffic issues or other reasons. If you are late, contact the Service Provider via our Eazy Life App or by phone. The Service Provider will do its best to accommodate. If the staff of the Service Provider is late and didn’t reach your location in time, please contact the Service Provider and/or its staff directly via our App or by phone. Any commercial gesture is based on the Service Provider’s discretion.

I have multiple addresses for the performance of services, how I can add them?
  • Open your Eazy Life App,
  • Ensure that you are logged in,
  • Select Profile in the Menu 
  • Select “Manage Addresses”
  • Select “Add New Address”
  • You can add as many addresses as you want and tag them with the right designation: Home, Work, Other.
  • Try to be specific in the location by adding clear indications and landmarks so that Service Providers can find you easily,

EZ Table Booking:

How does it work?

When a restaurant is offering table booking capabilities on Eazy Life App, you will be able to notice it in the profile page of the specific restaurant:


  • Click on Book a Table,
  • Select the day for the booking,
  • Choose the Party Size,
  • Choose the Sitting Area when available,
  • Choose the time for the booking,
  • Check your personal detail and make any desired changes,
  • Mention the special occasion,
  • Complete the free text for Additional Request
  • Continue for the payment,
  • Confirm and the table is booked.
Why shall I use your services to Book a Table?

Booking a Table via Eazy Life App is a very smooth and quick process with us.

When you book with us, your reservation is instantly recorded in the restaurant's online reservation book and confirmed instantly. Availability is always accurate and up to date, ensuring that your reservations are confirmed instantly.

With us, you can also: 

  • Book, modify, or cancel reservations wherever you are in minutes. You can see all your reservations in one place and keep track of your past and future bookings. 
  • Message the restaurant to make requests, ask questions, relay dietary preferences, etc.
  • Browse the menu, check out the restaurant’s most popular dishes, read reviews and check ratings, get directions, and more. 
  • Benefit from the Eazy Rewards program. You can collect Eazy Points and use them in the future for all the services and products available on Eazy Life App.  
  • Mark your preferred restaurants in your favorite list for ease of use in the future.
How do I know that a restaurant is offering Table Booking?

Check the restaurant official logo and you can see a small icon with table and chairs. If it is there, you are lucky, and the restaurant offers you the possibility to seamlessly book the table using Eazy Life App. 

How are the Fees working?

In order to secure your booking, you must pay the Booking Fees which are not refundable if you cancel your booking. The Booking Fees will be deducted from your final invoice by the Restaurant if you honor your booking. Fees are calculated based on the Party Size. If you want to reschedule, you can contact the Restaurant at least 2 hours before the booking time so that you don’t lose the Booking Fees and use them for the rescheduled booking. However, rescheduling is at the sole discretion of the Restaurant and can’t be guaranteed. If you don’t reschedule in time, cancel or do not show-up, the Booking Fees are forfeited.

Why should I pay the Booking Fees?

We work with very reputable restaurants and time is of the essence for them. We are committed also to offer the Restaurants and the users the best experience. The Booking Fee helps in securing your booking especially for very busy and highly booked restaurants. It is a compensation for no-show, late rescheduling or cancellation.

Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? Additional help is available:

– For customers, please contact us by raising a new ticket in the Help Center available in your Profile Page on Eazy Life Mobile App. Customer Service is available 24/7 to reply to your queries. 

– For Merchant Partners, please contact us by email:

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