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H&I Technology DMCC is a company created in March 2020. Founded by 3 partners from different backgrounds, with the same passion for innovation and sustainability, our goal is to empower businesses and delight customers at the same time.

During the last couple of years, the consumers’ behavior in the region shifted drastically towards trusted online transactions. We saw the opportunity not only in linking businesses to customers via a strong delivery platform, but also the need for a Super app which is a self-contained platform that includes a variety of services and integrates with its users’ daily lives. All of its services can be managed without leaving the app.

Looking for profitable opportunities is not our main goal. We feel committed to governance and ethics. Safety of our merchant partners and customers remains our priority.

Our wish is to have a positive impact on our partners, our customers and the local community.
Read the Letter from our Founders.

Our Mission

Delighting Customers, Empowering Businesses, Driving Innovation and Committing to Sustainability.

Our Vision

Think Big, Earn Trust, Always Innovate, Deliver Perfection, Be Excellent.

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Words from Founders

Letter From the Founders

We are not a conventional company and we do not intend to become one. We founded H&I Technology because we believed we could provide a great, different service taking into account all the stakeholders involved.

When we launched Eazy life, offering a package of solutions, we wanted to differentiate ourselves.Today, there is a mobile app for simply everything. However, mobile apps rarely offer convenience, simplicity, efficiency and time optimization to all the stakeholders end-to-end.

Our goal is to develop services that improve the lives of as many people as possible—to do things that matter. Guided by our mission and using our values as a backbone, we strive on a daily basis to enhance the value proposition to all our stakeholders being our Customers, Merchant Partners, Drivers and Community. Overall, we are optimizing for the long term rather than trying to produce fast earnings. We have a solid business model but we have also designed an overall eco-system around Eazy Life to reach our mission, which is Delighting Customers, Empowering Businesses, Driving Innovation and Committed to Sustainability.

Word from Founders

Delighting Customers

We believe that delighting our customers should be our first focus as all else will follow. With delighted customers, businesses will grow, our innovation will thrive and our approach to sustainability will be strengthened. We do recognize how challenging it is to delight customers but we strongly believe that it starts with small details such as a smooth and convenient mobile app, transparency on how we operate and a powerful loyalty program that really rewards you for everything you spend. 

We optimize your time with EZ Groceries, EZ Pharmacies, EZ Restaurants and EZ Shopping offering delivery, pick-up and Eazy Rewards as a unique loyalty points program. We will soon be going beyond and offering you multiple new services that will further facilitate your day-to-day life and make it “Eazy”.

We are also providing you with the powerful tools of EZ Offers. This is a digital community composed by Eazy Life users for classified ad making and posting items for purchase. It’s as easy as snapping a photo of it on your smartphone. We will connect you with others striving to enhance trustworthiness between community members. We are very selective in accepting members in the EZ Offers community because we know that in B2B or B2C interactions, trust must always come first. Amid cost-of-living increases, inflation challenges and concerns around retail availability, we give you the tools to decrease the stigma around pre-owned commodities. We will also help you find your next house, car or job, all in one place.

Empowering Businesses

We strongly believe that neighborhood businesses are critical to cities and communities, providing a broad array of economic and social benefits. Building up small and mid-size businesses provides crucial neighborhood-based economic development by boosting jobs, safety and community pride.This reduces vacant storefronts, increases neighborhood populations and provides better quality-of-life for residents and visitors. We provide our partners with the tools to thrive offering them a delightful and seamless use of technology to optimize their precious time and focus on what matters: growing their businesses. We have re-imagined the platform and EZ Partner App highlighting the various ways business partners can grow. We will continue to give our business partners more and more customer insights. However, we also understand that growing a business can be challenging: we are helping our business partners to connect between themselves; we will listen to their feedback on a regular basis to enhance our offers and technologies. As we know that urgent financial needs might surge, we offer a flexible, personalized and affordable financial plan through Eazy Cash Advance. 

Driving Innovation 

We are proud of the products we have built. We will continue to work hard so that products we create in the future will have an even greater positive impact. Technology is progressing fast and we will always use the most effective and efficient one in developing our products. However, we understand your concerns about security and privacy. We will continue to keep these in mind for everything we do. 

Committed to Sustainability 

Today, rapid digital development presents all of us with an opportunity to create a more sustainable future. Every action matters, even the smallest ones. 

We will continue to encourage and help businesses use technology to drive sustainability across their organizations, operations, supply chains and eco-systems.

We also understand that consumers are increasingly conscious of sustainability but while many have the best intentions at heart, they are not always likely to change their behaviors. We will work with our customers to encourage sustainability initiatives starting from those with a direct environmental impact. 

We will delight you further, we will surprise you more. Stay tuned as the best is yet to come !

H&I Technology DMCC

The Founders

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